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The reviews are in! Please check out the opinions of our patients!  We strive to bring you the very best in care, and we think that the reviews below will reflect our commitment to excellence.

WebMD ***** Reviews for Kyle O’Hara, DNP, FNP-BC

Sara C - September 15, 2023

"Dr. O’Hara is a master sculptor of anti aging with all of her services! I have been with her for 15 years since I was 40 and she has kept my aging at bay with her skillful prevention techniques. There is no one else that I would trust with a needle in my face! She is passionate and incredibly talented, not to mention extremely experienced having been in aesthetics since before Botox. She is always educated on the newest greatest products and services and doesn’t compare to anyone else. "

 Theresa K - June 28, 2023

"Kyle O’Hara is extremely gifted and has a sophisticated education in the Medical Aesthetics field. Her experience and knowledge brings comfort and reassurance that allows the client to trust and relax knowing they are getting the best possible treatments and care. She is by far the absolute best. I have been a client for over a decade and will keep coming back. "


Nell Anitra Scannon – November 2022

I've been coming to Dr. O'Hara for almost a decade. She is exceptionally skilled and always takes the time to

answer your questions and tailor your needs precisely. She is a great wealth of knowledge and is always

at the cutting edge of the aesthetics industry.

Tracy M – October 2023

Very knowledgeable, Kyle takes the time to hear your reason for being there and chooses the best approach to fit you. She is an expert! Clean, caring and timely.

Harriet Scannon – October 2023

Title: A Visionary Artist Who Makes Beauty Come Alive

I am honored to share my experience with an extraordinary individual who has not only transformed my appearance but also empowered me with a newfound sense of beauty and confidence. This sculptor, this artist, is a true master of her craft. With her meticulous attention to detail and unwavering commitment to perfection, she has proven time and time again that she is a cut above the rest. Every stroke of her artistic hand is an expression of passion and precision, resulting in a beautiful me. What sets her apart is not just her artistic talent, but her unwavering dedication to following the right procedures. She understands the importance of your well-being and takes the time to develop a true partnership with you. Her expertise and guidance ensure that you are well-informed and comfortable every step of the way. She possesses a remarkable ability to truly listen and understand your desires, while always delivering what is best for you. She takes the time to understand your unique features, enhancing them in a way that reflects your inner beauty. Her work is a testament to her ability to blend artistry with your individuality, resulting in a masterpiece that is uniquely you. I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have found such a gifted artist, and I trust her implicitly. She has become an irreplaceable part of my self-care journey, and I simply cannot imagine entrusting my beauty to anyone else. To the visionary artist who has made me feel beautiful in ways I never thought possible, I express my deepest gratitude. Your talent, precision, and devotion to your craft are truly unparalleled. You are, without a doubt, the best.

YELP Reviews  *****

Janet W - November 29, 2023.

I've been a client of Dr. O'Hara's for 13 years. There is no better if the field of medical aesthetics and age management medicine. She understands the facial anatomy and skin of each of her patients and treats them as individuals. She is always up to date and never over treats. Book with confidence.

Doreen R – February, 23, 2018

I med Kyle at a restaurant and she spoke of her business. I'm very skeptical but I had been searching for someone who could do Intravenous Nutritional Therapy for years.

I had the WORST menopause, it felt as if the life was being sucked out of me. I had real low energy and struggled to get through the day. Muscle loss just made my physical strength less and that only helped to weaken by emotional state more because I did not know what was happening to my body. My memory was getting worse, pain in my legs, weight gain, lack of sexual drive were my symptoms not to mention horrible bed drenching nights and never having a normal body temperature. Physicians told me I was experiencing normal menopause but wanted to give me pain pills and depression medication and warned of more for cholesterol. What was my destiny? Diabetes and High blood pressure like most aging people today When I went in for my Intravenous Therapy sessions, Kyle explained in great detail Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy and guided me to Dr. Marsha. Still skeptical and only wanting natural medicines in my body, the plant based hormones, I was willing to try, I had developed TRUST in Kyle, besides as she said I could always stop if I didn't feel good. I really felt had nothing to loose because I felt so bad by trying. In the first month (that was several years ago now) I could not understand how much better I felt, it was if I reversed time. every symptom I had went away. I'm over 62 and I feel and act 45 I'm told by my husband and I agree with him. I will never stop taking Bio-Identical Hormones.

TRUST in a good practitioner is key for me to allow Botox or Fillers. I have always wanted to age gracefully but looking mad and tired when I looked in the mirror at my face was hard as it no longer matched the way I felt. Scared to try Fillers and Botox because so many women wind up looking like chipmunks with the skin on their cheeks stretched and immobile which happen to so many in a effort for constant business by some practitioners. I decided to trust Kyle with my face. Kyle is a artist with Botox and Fillers, a Michelangelo! Kyle creates a the same youthful lift and a beautiful youthful shape that you had when you were younger leaving your face looking completely natural and youthful. Not like you got any Fillers. You look like you just had a month long vacation with out a worry in the world. With her Botox treatments my face moves yet the amount of lines are diminished. Kyle is not about over filling the face with Filler material or doing Botox to create immobility of the face. Kyle is not about over selling. Her business name truly represents what it is all about. I can say through the last years of going to her Kyle is only about helping women understand their body and looking youthful and helping them Maintain Youth.

Kathleen H - Mar 29, 2016

Kyle and Dr. Nunley offer outstanding service with amazing results. Kyle is a wizard in making you look great. There's no one else I'd go to.

Marisa G - October 3, 2015

Kyle O'Hara is extremely talented. I have had numerous procedures with her...facial injections of Botox, Perlane and Juvederm...face laser Fractora, Forma and IPL (Lumecca), body laser, BodyFX and hair laser (Diolaze) so I think I am pretty qualified to write a review on her.  Kyle has a great eye and she sees EVERYTHING! She filled my face in just the right spots and plumped my lips perfectly without any unevenness. She knows what i need and DON"T need. Her pricing is fair and I appreciate that tremendously. I am loyal to Kyle because she knows this business better than most and stays on top of trends and products so that she delivers results that are beautiful. Kyle herself is a gorgeous woman and maintains her beauty, in part, by using the products and procedures she provides to her clients. I am so glad I found Kyle because I have been to many cosmetic dermatologists and medspas and its not easy to find someone who has as much experience as Kyle and an eye for beauty like Kyle.

The only downside is that Kyle books up fast and I sometimes have trouble getting in to her. But i guess that's what happens when you are that good at what you do.

Paul H - Dec 13, 2015

I wish I could give Kyle 6 stars. She's so bright, knowledgeable, has years of experience and gave me my best Botox injections ever! I've had similar services in NY, MA and FL. Hands down Kyle is the best I've ever experienced. Botox, laser facial, laser hair removal.. She's the best. I drive from SF just for her work.

Sharon S - Apr 21, 2013

I went to Kyle about a year ago for the first time. I got 2 chemical peels. I couldn't believe the difference! In Dec.

I booked a series of 3 more. I was a sun tanner for many years and my face was starting to get spots.

My face is evening out so nicely! I'm going to be going back:)

The office is so clean & comfortable. Kyle is a sweetheart and always willing to give suggestions on maintaining good skin. So glad I found her last year!

Jenn L - Nov 14, 2012

This place is such a find and well worth the drive from Marin. The owner and founder Kyle O'Hara is very knowledgeable and talented about her business. She is walking proof that her products and services work! I was very nervous about a laser being used on my face to remove my stubborn brown spots and shrink my pores. Kyle explained the procedure thoroughly, it did not hurt and it worked! Really glad I did this! Also, i purchased some great skin care products and supplements.




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